by Stormchoir

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Long awaited debut album which has 'grown' from the internet EP with the same title, including 2 bonus tracks of 2006. Influences: Sadist, Samael, Dissection, Emperor, Ihsahn, Opeth, Death, Ephel Duath, Cynic, Leprous, Atheist, Todesgeist.


released March 5, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Stormchoir Vladivostok, Russia

Stormchoir - Atmospheric Progressive Death Metal band from Vladivostok, Russia

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Track Name: Journey To Birth
Witness of the past events are quiet.
Peak point signifies fall to oblivion.

Through time universe breathing, growing
Inside each of minds, without frontiers.

Big Bang will recur over and over.

Move on to the gate, open, pass on
To complete the Journey To Birth.
Track Name: The Day Of Odium
ne day I have opened my eyes.
And I have seen.
I have seen it all.
All the extravagance
Of entire human world.

Grief and pain, which contains
In each of them.
Triteness and fragility
Of their thoughts.
For them all
Is determined already.

I saw a diamond dawn,
But this is just an illusion,
Anounced next day for them.
I often wander safely
Beyond space and time.

Yet, I'm alone in my passion
I'm one among them.
I practice my intolerance

I can't find decision
Why this thusness?
The failure of a pride,
Honour is in lack.

And in oblivion of night,
In endless world of someone's thoughts,
In depths of another's glare
I tried to close eyes, but I can't.

I don’t see man whom rose above his destiny
They surely know their place in all instants.
For them all is determined already.
Track Name: Spawn Of Erdenvolk
Step over your flock,
The shepherd of blind fanatic.
Look on all of you got.
Is it acquest?
It's your loss.

The war not to conquer,
That fight of obsession.

With prays of redemption
You bury all world
To cure ... to purify.

There is nothing from angel
To have your own wings.

They lead by you will,
See with your eyes.
How many victims you need
To satisfy?

That peace not to protect,
That fame for perversions.

Testify against conscience
To bury all truth
For sick who's justified.

Ascend! Enslave! Forsake!
The life is short,
But wasted for a fall.
Track Name: Among The Smiling Skulls
An ultimate fight
With shapeless coil,
Nature enthroned,
By chaos it venge.

Intention delirious
Is mirrored on earth.
And now uncontrolled
Another artificial sun.

Away from wicked life convulsion.
Away from forms that is so usual.
With stairs of bones
Tthat drowing us in future.
Among the Smiling Skulls.

An ultimate fight
For one freedom drop,
Spreaded on way
Of lies and kill of as itself.

The starving wind
Gnaw hollow stones.
This place not ours anymore,
But there is no way to go.

Within our blindness
And with less of guide,
Yet despond to find a reason,
That we're still alive in empty coil.

When second sun is rise again,
When air to breath become unfit.
Eventually live a chanse
Redempt to all of us.
...No one left to engrave our names...
Track Name: Useless
Find no sense to be offended by your worthless grin.
Find no truth, find no cause
To make it worse, to cause bad things

Useless be self-reliant
Keep ...your shit away, away from me

No one is guilty when you bleat for your constant bad luck.
Find no rest, find no ward
When I hear your words, your malicious hearsay

What do you mean when you call youself a friend?
What do you think, when I tell you to stop, but you can't?
You're the corpse on all funeral, what good will it be to you?
You just nosy man without shame, what else can you do?

Useless be self-reliant
Keep ...your shit away, away from me
Useless ...
Track Name: Painful Necessity (bonus)
Phrenetic reverence to offstage violence,
For all these times the same rave.

Let me show you all our ignorance,
'Cause we must recognize
The seeming and the real.
Crush now the psychological permanency.

Through the years of our kind's growth
Threads a wish to kill some more,
Hunger for the souls of others.

Painful Necessity!

Gather an assault,
Death toll is classified now.
Hammer to the shell arms of Void.

Cast down into hell!
Plunge to rise again!

Fighting efficiency makes the grade.
Never mind the cost
To make a shallow grave.

Walk through the millions of dead
To be the master to disciples
And sate your thirst for blood.

From within the spiritual blindness
Technological advance began and
Engendered an armaments race.

Triumph of humanity!

Casus foederis,
Greed, gain, a wish to seize the throne.
Desire for power is inexhaustible.

Cast down into hell!
Plunge to rise again!